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Gravenhurst Charity Bike Night is committed to raising funds to aid children in Muskoka. "Bike Night" allows motorcycle enthusiasts from locations across Central Ontario to experience their passion and give back to their communities and we thank you. One of  the largest bike nights in Ontario 10 years and counting...

  • Support local community 
  • Annual Rev'd up Dinner n Dance
  • Christmas Food Drive 
  • Monthly Meet & Great Breakfast
  • Gravenhurst Charity Bike Night
  • Warriors Day Ride
  • Music on the Barge
  • Last Minute Rides

who we are

Muskoka Thunder in our community make a difference!!!

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3 Major events


16 years and counting, The Warriors Day Ride has significant meaning to memebers and Veterans. 

Riding is seasonal but Charity isn't , which is why our year-round club gets so much attention. Enjoy Wednesday's at Charity Bike Night (May 29- Sept 11 2019). Devote an afternoon meet up with members for a last minute ride, contribute to one of the many events we host, sponsor and support within our communities.


Muskoka Thunder supports this 70 year old tradition with a scenic ride.Proceeds going to Music on The Barge directly.

​​Muskoka Thunder motorcycle riders have devoted our energy to passionately advocating for local Children and Veterans, under privileged and politically under-represented members of our community. Find out how you can contribute to the future of those in need through donation of time, rides, & fun. 

We are group of motorcycle enthusiasts who love to ride.  Most of our rides are local, touring the beautiful  Muskoka region, in groups of varying sizes. We also take the opportunity to join up with larger fund raising rides for supporting worthy causes. Of course, there are the spontaneous "Hey its a nice day for a ride! Grab your gear meet me here! (Also known as "The Last Minute Club").​

thunder in action

see how muskoka thunder has assisted over the years

charity bike night 

Our Mission

Muskoka Thunder has raised, donated, assisted and supported our local communitys in many ways



for friendships

"Muskoka Thunder Motorcycle Riders is a fun-filled, family oriented motorcycle group with a strong commitment to community and each other.  We continually strive to enhance the image of motorcyclists and foster greater public awareness through our sponsorship and participation in various motorcycle related charity events.   We ride free and we ride together - for good cause and for fun!"


   for veterans 


Has raised more than $200,000 

dollars with every bit aiding

children in local communities.


for kids